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Spyrou Hospitality Group


The rich history of “Spyrou Hospitality Group” is going way back in 1978 when Rigas Spyrou, with too much love, created the “Rigas House” lodge in Skopelos Island. This name was not accidental since it represented his passion for home ambience and cordial hospitality.

From the year 2000, the baton of the then small company was taken over by his son Vassilios Spyrou. With the same ancestral spirits as his driving force and the philosophy of traditional hospitality unchanged, he introduces avant-guarde and inventive corporate characteristics. Expecting to positively affect the overall experience of the Guest, he emphasizes those elements that promote the sustainability, the authenticity of the destination, its history, its cultural identity, society and people.

Today, the “Spyrou Hospitality Group” is a dynamic Greek hotel company that has seven tourist units in Skopelos Island, Skiathos Island, Zante Island and Arachova Village with a total capacity of 730 beds.

With dedication to the family vision, the company evolves by implementing remarkable business plans aimed at sustainable tourism development centered on people and their personalized holiday experience.

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